Saturday, June 18, 2016

Scull Shoals - historical site

My photos came out above Elizabeth's, who posted first. She gives more in formation below. Meanwhile: Gary Doster tells me that the creek we crossed over on the way to Scull Shoals was Sandy Creek.

 It was so pretty we had to stop and take pictures. Left to right: Jeff Engel, Elizabeth Barton, Alexis Winger.

Then we continued down the dirt road toward the site of whatg once was the thriving community of Scull (not Skull--though I kind of like that spelling) Shoals.

Arriving at the site, we read the posted literature about the town. Eliizabeth gives some of the information in her part of this blog, below.

                  The brick ruins show what happens when humans leave--nature takes over, as Elizabeth says.

           My version of the sun on the grasses and the fence that surrounds the major part of the ruins.


Sure hope I've got the name right!  Scull Shoals - just south of Athens, GA on Highway 15.....
The intrepid four magical mystery tour photographers set off for this historical site a few days ago....
Alas, my photos are limited because of an abundance of poison ivy....maybe the other folk will post very different views.
This little settlement was thriving for over 100 years from the late 18th century till the early 20th....there was a mill there using water from the river  to grind corn and wheat and farmers came from all over.
Alas, a giant flood destroyed many of the buildings and a lot of stored flour....the people left, the buildings gradually fell down and nature took you'll see.
Nature will win!  There's no doubt!    Here are my photos.....

I really like the way the light caught these wild grasses which surrounded the ruins.....

A doorway to nature....lovely old bricks...

 a really bad hair day!!  you can see the brick creature just groaning!!! AGGHHH!

a couple of nice shots of the river, I'm not sure if this is the Actual Scull creek of Scull shoals or not!! And I didn't see any shoals.....there had been a bridge but it was long gone....

JEFF has a separate posting of this excursion. They seem to be above mine.....But anyway, here are 3 of the 4 photographers' renditions of a nice morning excursion to this historical site.

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