Thursday, December 24, 2015

Athens, GA at night in December

There's something really magical about night photos!
And so the indefatigable magical mystery tour photographers of Athens, GA set out for a night time shoot!  (well, one turned out to be supremely fatigable and was unable to join us....and we hope he regrets it!!!)

Here are some of our favorite pictures from our evening out in Athens - which was followed up by a very nice post-shoot supper at one of the members' houses....we MUST do this again!

so for your favorites in the Comments!  

E 1 Lady on a Pole!
E2 Glow

E 3 The Dark Path

E4 Clayton Street

E5 The Shaking Christmas tree!
Here are some of Pat's photos:

                                                            P1  Athens City Hall

                           P2  "The Spirit of Athens"  catching a falling star with the new moon behind her.

                                           P3  City Hall portico with winter trees and the new moon

                                                                   P4  The base of the City Christmas Tree

P5 Close up of some of its ornaments 

P6 Christmas on Clayton

                                    P7  Intrepid Magical Mystery Tour photographers Alexis and Elizabeth risk their
 lives as they photograph in the street!

P8 And here are the three of us--Elizabeth, Pat, and Alexis--taken by Pat's camera on a tripod. She
missed Jeff, who usually did these group photos! 

Finally, here are three photos from Alexis:

A1  Impressionistic photo of Pat and Elizabeth and Christmas tree lights.

A2 Elizabeth and Pat on side steps of City Hall

A3 Pat and Elizabeth walking down a magically lit street

It  was a great evening, and later having supper at Pat's by candlelight was the appropriate ending to the magical mood.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Second Tour: A Winter's Tale

...and so the Magical Mystery Tour Photographers set out again - after a beautiful explore an east side neighborhood in Athens, Ga on January 14, a very cold grey winter's day.

HERE ARE ELIZABETH'S PHOTOS, taken with a Nikon D5100:

E1     They peered into their copper (not crystal!) ball....

                                              E2  Reflections on a cold pond........

                           E3    .........we found diamonds on a fallen leaf!

E4  Love the abstraction of winter's black and white...I've made several quilts based on this idea...take a look at my other blog.

E5    Shoal Creek



Here are five of the photos I (Pat)  took on the second Magical Mystery Tour, again using my trusty Nikon D5100. This time we were not chauffered by Jeff; we walked around Elizabeth's neighborhood, with Elizabeth as our guide.

P 1   Reflections in a Golden Eye
 This copper globe in Elizabeth's yard set the tone for us as we set out on on foot to explore the neighborhood.

P 2    Shoal Creek
First we walked down to this creek behind the Barton's home. This view shows a sandbar on the middle and a fungus-covered log in the foreground. The creek is not always this shallow; in fact, it flooded last year.

P 3     Remnants of Autumn 
Most of the colors around us were winter shades of brown and gray, but here and there were reminders of fall.

 P 4   A Neighborhood Pond
Then Elizabeth, Jeff, and I walked down a road to the neighborhood pond in the picture. In the distance you can see Jeff and Elizabeth taking photos. Alexis remained behind finding great photo ops we had missed--in puddles in rocks.

P 5   Sweet gum balls
Returning to Eizabeth's house I saw these sweet gum balls in the driveway--such a common sight and yet I liked this picture.



J 1  A Japanese Maple leaf thinking of Medusa


J2 - Diamonds, per Elizabeth, or does the dew on a web?

 J3   Reflections

J4    Well reflections,  if you will pardon my grammar

J5   Symmetry


and to come....
And here she is!

A1 Dreams on texture

A2 My take on diamonds on web

A3 As foretold by Pat, puddle on rock. I couldn't see the lake for the puddles.

A4  Blossoms

from E:  this is an early witch hazel, smells wonderful!

A5 Net on fence